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We provide solutions to our customers’ problems. Take a look at some of our projects.

It’s a foot for indoor playground equipment

It’s a foot for playground equipment that enables outside equipment to be set up on a gym floor. What happens to recess when the weather turns cold? Kids have to stay inside and play in the gym. This playground equipment manufacturer designed their gear to be used inside or outside. However, they needed a way to protect gym floors from gouges and scrapes. Field Rubber designed and built a rubber foot that fit on the legs of the equipment and protected the floor.

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It is a handle for a riot shield

It is a handle for a riot shield used by police and corrections officers. The client manufactured acrylic defense shields for law enforcement professionals. They were looking for a non-metal solution for the handles. In a correctional facility, any metal object that...

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It’s a Diving Brick

It’s a Diving Brick. Part of the Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program that certifies divers. The testing includes swimming to the bottom of a pool to retrieve a diving brick. Early versions of the “brick” were made from metal or masonry and would damage the pool when...

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It’s a Truck Shaft Bushing

It’s a Shaft Bushing A truck part manufacturer was looking for a bushing to hold an axle in place. To handle the friction of the rotating shaft, the inside radius of the metal part needed to be coated with a synthetic polymer sturdy enough to hold the shaft in place,...

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Sand Injection Nozzle

It’s a Sand Injection Nozzle A sand casting foundry needed a way to quickly inject sand into their metal casting molds. They needed to replace an old injection nozzle with a revised model that provided a larger diameter. Field Rubber worked with the foundry’s...

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Tool End for a Foundry Robot

It’s a Tool End for a Foundry Robot A foundry that manufacturers large castings had a robot that lifted and repositioned very heavy cast iron items in their foundry. They needed a specialized end tool that would fasten to the robot that could grasp an irregular...

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Piston Pallet

It's a Piston Pallet. An integrator was building an automated assembly system for an engine manufacturer. They needed a pallet to hold pistons in place as they moved down a conveyor system. The customer was looking for a durable material that was sturdy enough to hold...

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