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We provide solutions to our customers’ problems. Take a look at some of our projects.

Biscuit Breaker Wheel

It’s a biscuit breaker wheel for a bakery equipment manufacturer.

Field Rubber Products specializes in short run production and one off specialties, including parts for food contact,

We produced these biscuit breaker wheels from a soft, FDA compliant elastomer that was sturdy enough to break the crackers, but not so hard it turned the product into a pile of crumbs.

Do you need a special gasket, seal, roller or molding? Contact us today for a quote. We solve problems.

Sand Injection Nozzle

It’s a Sand Injection Nozzle A sand casting foundry needed a way to quickly inject sand into their metal casting molds. They needed to replace an old injection nozzle with a revised model that provided a larger diameter. Field Rubber worked with the foundry’s...

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Tool End for a Foundry Robot

It’s a Tool End for a Foundry Robot A foundry that manufacturers large castings had a robot that lifted and repositioned very heavy cast iron items in their foundry. They needed a specialized end tool that would fasten to the robot that could grasp an irregular...

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Piston Pallet

It's a Piston Pallet. An integrator was building an automated assembly system for an engine manufacturer. They needed a pallet to hold pistons in place as they moved down a conveyor system. The customer was looking for a durable material that was sturdy enough to hold...

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